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Guild member since 1978

Both buildings, these are a residential building and a house for the servants, were built in the block of wood construction method, all the walls and ceiling consist of massive Scandinavian wood.

All the works were carried out by foreign, mostly German companies, since the local craftsmen, often unjustified, do not enjoy a high status.

The roofs were provided with a slate covering (Rathscheck-Schiefer) of octogones 40 x 25 cm (house for the servants) as well as octogones 60 x 30 cm (main roof)

On account of the low roof pitch of 20° the slates were installed above a waterproof base roof. In order to absorb the snow levels of up to 1 m a boarding with a thickness of 30 mm was selected. In addition, every stone was nailed and clamped twice.

All the plumbers' work was carried out in copper by Reiner-Roof.





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