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Reiner-Roof worldwide: The work on the single-family home in Bucharest has been completed


At the end of April we completed the works on the roof and the façade of a single-family home in the heart of Bucharest.

The roof got a slate roofing in rectangular double-lap roofing, format 60 x 30 cm.

The façade was lined in the new modern rectangular covering "Dynamic Covering". Rectangles of different height and width are arranged here to form an optically attractive covering image.


The client, a Romanian lady architect is certain that this roof is the first slate roof in the whole of Romania and is correspondingly proud of her discovery.



Additional interested clients and architects were already on site in order to be able to get themselves an idea about the covering with slate. They were all enthusiastic about the natural building material still unknown in Romania and its handling by craftsmen.


As soon as the work at the single-family home will be completed, we shall show you additional photos of the modern single-family home with the "Reiner-Roof".



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